to provide the best sound for your project


Founded in 2018 by Clay Schreiber, Michael Monaco and Scott Young, Aldergrove Studios is a collective of filmmakers, animators, gamers and musicians, who all share one goal: To bring your creative visions to life.

Aldergrove Studios was purpose-built, with the dream of providing quality recording and mixing services for emerging and independent content creators. We understand the difficult and costly nature of the creative industries. We've walked the mile in your moccasins. By working collaboratively with our clients, we tailor our expert services to best realise your project's vision without breaking the bank.

Armed with a diverse range of skills, experience and high-quality equipment, we provide bespoke audio solutions for every project. Our services are available both in the studio, as well as on location anywhere in Australia or around the world. 

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail.  We have a commitment to excellence for all of our work throughout the production process. So whether you have a story to tell, a song to sing, a product to sell or an idea to express, we stand ready to help you share it with your audience.




Michael Monaco
Set Recordist | Sound Designer


Clay Schreiber
Creative Producer


Scott Young
Foley Artist | Sound Designer


Guy Crofts
Cinematographer | Animator


Associates & Collaborators

Lachlan Claffey

Dan Hodgson
DOP & Colourist

Olivia Green
Director / Musician